Privacy and Cookies

The information that you provide is collected to help us to improve the services we offer, enable us to provide services tailored to individual users’ requirements.

We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will respect your email privacy. We will, however, mail you occasionally with information about our services that we think are relevant to your business requirements. If you no longer wish to receive this information, let us know by contacting Mark Evans on

Please note that we reserve the right to access and disclose individually identifiable information to comply with applicable laws and lawful government requests, to operate our systems properly and to protect both our users and ourselves.

What about ‘cookies’?

Cookies are small files that are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer. This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one visit to the website (or related site) to the next.

Are Cookies enabled in my browser? To check whether your browser is configuredto allow cookies, visit theCookie checker.This page will attempt to create a cookie and report on whether or not it succeeded. For information on how to enable or disable cookies, see Enabling cookies. For information on how to delete and clear cookies, see Deleting cookies. This website uses a cookie which is a Google analytics cookie.